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Have a peek at what a new member is already having to share. The Affluence Network has started taking in subscribers since February 2017 while in alpha stage. As of March 13, The Affluence Network has been in Beta Stage undergoing significant advancements. Full launch for The Affluence Network is scheduled for June 1st, 2017. Earlybird new subscribers know full well to get in as soon as possible and becoming a monthly participant thus setting themselves above (at the head) of the rush to follow. Join early at . As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

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The Affluence Network … 100 WAYS TO EARN ONLINE
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O.K. So the first way to achieve success is through the educational system. There are courses and tools to help you sell products on amazon, earn money as a youtube partner, via published books on kindle, be a blogger and from ad revenue. There are many different ways you can do it using the tools and the training.

You can keep doing that for a long time; but, the biggest way to make money is becoming an affiliate marketer and that is how Troy James was able to create his initial wealth. Typically in the internet and the internet world i.e. internet marketing world you become an affiliate marketer for somebody (and we’ll say the warrior forum is one of those places) and as an affiliate you sell other people’s products.

… AND you typically earn commissions depending upon what kind of product it is
– on the low end it may be fifteen to twenty five percent and
– for software and certain products you are in the 50 to 75 percent

So there is money there in just being successful by/with driving traffic to buy somebody else’s product(s).

TAN has 100 Top Instructors | The Affluence Network

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There are always people who are better in their specific niches.

So we have partnered with the best of the best to bring that benefit to the network. So the point here is these partners are partnering with T.A.N. as hundreds of the world’s best instructors and in each and every niche.

They have/are living eating and breathing what they do; and are already successful making a lot of money in their specific niches.

So who better to learn from then somebody who’s already making a lot of money doing what they do – by teaching you how to do it.

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No Strategy Left Behind in The Affluence Network

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If you (or they) are an avid network person an experienced network marketer or just somebody brand new to the concept of making money on the internet; there are steps to take that will take you from beginner to expert every which way possible in The Affluence Network; plus, the key as Troy James mentioned before: “you get the software tools to help make these processes easier”.

Having worked on the internet and built things and trying to get sites ranked and doing all that stuff myself, having the right tool saves you a lot of time; but, the key point here is all of this education and tools is for everybody and anybody. So, you don’t have to be an expert to use those. These three girls Mary Marty and Mickey, were early birds being some of the first ones to join this great partnership of members within T.A.N.

Affiliate Marketing from The Affluence Network

The Affluence Network combines Affiliate marketing, Network marketing; you have a Unique Affiliate Hybrid System Online

Now as I said, Affiliate Marketing is where you become the sales person for somebody else’s products and you get a commission when a sale is made. We have affiliates in our system; since our founders have come from the internet marketing and affiliate marketing business they now that quite well.

So they took that and the best concepts of network marketing crossing them with the best concepts of affiliate marketing; thus, coming up with a system that we call a hybrid affiliate system and I’ll cover that in some more detail as we go through this series.

So, as we talked about here one of the key points we make is the best way to teach is to lead by example.

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