*** FIRSTLY, you will have to have the Metamask wallet app installed on Firefox, Chrome browser for home PC or on mobile devices that you intend to use for investing with DAppCluster. There are videos for each, setting up for PC or mobile devices.

This is the information you will need in order to install the Binance Smart Chain network on your Metamask extension:


Network Name:  Binance Smart Chain

New RPC URL:  https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

Chain id:  56         or       0x38

Currency Symbol:  BNB

Block Explorer URL:  https://bscscan.com

NOTE: BNB funds are available through Binance exchange. This exchange isn’t available for US residents; however, you can exchange BNB (Binance coin) on the Binance Smart Chain contract using CHANGELLY, or using pre-set CHANGELLY quick links

The completed links to invest in BNB, use

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