3 Channels of Wealth

Three Channels of Wealth Development

The Affluence Network provides the education and the means

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So how can The Affluence Network pay for itself for you? We have three channels of wealth that creates a self-sustaining income for our members (partners). Obviously the first one; and the way this is structured is in such a way that there’s something for everybody here to give you an opportunity to make money. So obviously the first one is our courses on a hundred different ways that you can make money online and all of the software that makes doing that so much easier. Thus the goal is at each level the software you get and the training you get is worth 10 to 15 or 20 times the value “has 10 or 15 to 20 times the value” of what you pay per month to be a member (partner).

The second way is you become an affiliate and we can show you how you can earn from the six ‘levels of value’ which increases your earnings as you move up with every successful action. (and) Troy James likes to refer to this as his ladder of value; and then the third, and what we feel is really one of the most important aspects, are our very own crypto tokens.

The reason why we call them crypto tokens instead of crypto coins is that they are built as smart contracts on the etherium network; so the correct name for them is crypto token.

So we have something for everybody in here and it’s designed in such a way that anybody can choose the best way to want to make money.

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As the name “The Affluence Network” implies, we become Affluent through Social Influence, Education and Application Learn, Listen, View and Apply

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